Stephen's Biography

Stephen Hilton, the founder of the Shepherd Business Group, has been helping business, home office, and personal clients with their computer systems and software since 1986. Stephen created the Shepherd Business Group in Saint Paul, Minnesota during 1991, and moved the business to River Falls, Wisconsin in 1994.

While consulting for Schmit Prototypes in 1996 Stephen accepted the MIS Director position for this rapidly growing hi-technology company. Projects at Schmit Prototypes included the planning, implementation, documentation, training, and maintenance of their networked computer systems and application software.

Computer operations implemented included UNIX and Microsoft Windows NT Server integration, Silicon Graphics IRIX UNIX workstations and servers, UNIX and NT based PRO/Engineer 3D modeling workstations, Surfcam CAD/CAM systems, AutoCad 2D workstations, Stereolithography rapid prototyping systems, CNC equipment network integration, multi-user accounting and contact management systems, Internet and intranet firewall and systems security, graphic arts and desktop/web publishing solutions using CorelDraw, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and FrontPage. During 1999 Schmit Prototypes Inc. was nominated for the "Wisconsin Business of the Year", and was named the "Dunn County Business of the Year".

As of January 2001, after 5 great years with Schmit Prototypes, Stephen has committed his full resources to the Shepherd Business Group, and has the goal of helping your business achieve the success in information technologies enjoyed by Schmit Prototypes and his other clients.

Stephen began his computer career with the Tandy Corporation in 1986. This was the beginning of the "IBM PC Compatible" era, with Tandy and Compaq positioned as the two leaders in this arena. After earning his "Electro-Mechanical Technician" degree from 916 Vo-Tech, Stephen joined the Tandy Corporation as a computer technician. The technician position consisted of problem diagnosis, repair, installation, and the upgrading of Tandy's computer systems, software, networks, and peripherals. After two years as a service and support technician Stephen transferred into the sales and software support division of "Tandy Business Products".

Tandy Corporation was a pioneer in the manufacturing, marketing, and support of XENIX based multi-user systems. These systems were used for accounting, manufacturing job control, word processing, custom database, spreadsheets, point of sale, and software development. XENIX was a modified version of the AT&T UNIX Operating System and was later acquired and enhanced by the Santa Cruz Operation Inc., becoming the SCO OpenServer UNIX system. Stephen was instrumental in marketing, installing, customizing, training, and supporting SCO UNIX solutions to a number of businesses that continue to use UNIX based systems as the core of their networks.

Microsoft MS-DOS and Windows based software platforms were also a large part of Tandy's solutions for businesses. Stephen has been installing and supporting Microsoft based servers, desktop operating systems, and applications since Microsoft MS-DOS version 2 and Microsoft Windows version 1.